Rodh de Sailor (CEO, Founder)

Rodh is the CEO and Founder of Dijiv, a growing social network with a unique profit sharing model for its members. He is responsible for the company's overall vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations. Since the beginning, Rodh has focused on inspiring creativity throughout the site, solving challenging issues with thoughtful input from users, charter members, programmer(s) and staff. As a result, Dijiv is on the way to becoming a regular hangout for those who want more out of a social media network. Charter Members of Dijiv not only stand to gain from the profit sharing program, they are also encouraged to be creative and help the network grow by inviting others to join.

Prior to founding Dijiv, Rodh founded several other entrepreneurial type enterprises. He was gainfully employed as a member of a NYSE listed stockbrokerage firm; his last position before leaving to become an entrepreneur was Vice President (Atlanta branch). In 1996, Rodh founded one of the first online sites specializing in business information, news and related services (bibnet Corporation). Bibnet went public in December of 1998, trading on the NASDAQ under the stock symbol: bibn, and was sold to private investors in 2004.

Akeem St.Bryce (Honorary co-founder,technical lead programmer)

Akeem is technical lead programmer of Dijiv Social Media. He was instrumental in carrying out the wishes of the development plans according to how it was conceptualized by Rodh's imagination. He is currently still a student at an Atlanta area University, and has every intention of completing his degree requirements while also maintaining complete functions and interoperability of Dijiv Social Media's website. Akeem is a native of Trinidad and Tobago.

Jordan C. Norris (Graphic Designer)

Jordan is a 23-year old visual artist based out of Atlanta, GA., who's been off in his own little world creating since he was a child about 7 years ago. He is serious about making something big come from all of his time dedicated to training, understanding and learning how to express himself. The mediums he choose to work with is a mixed-media art which includes raw illustration(pen), painting(acrylic markers), photography, photo manipulation, and graphic design (using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CC.) We are truly glad to have Jordan as a member of the team, for his insights and artistic vision will serve to bring Dijiv up to date with the current generation. Independent Contractors.

Independent Contractors.

Dijiv Social Media employs several outside contractors to provide content, news and other forms of information.

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