Earn Money

At Dijiv Social Media, what we are doing is unique and hasn’t been offered in the social networking space before. As such, there are questions as to how this works, and if so, how can users cash in on the opportunity? First in order, there are two things to consider to earn money as a user: (1) Participation Criteria and, (2) V-Points system.

Participation Criteria

First and foremost, we realize that not everyone online has a huge following, unless they happen to be a well-known personality such as an entertainment celebrity, or popular athlete. There may be several reasons for this, however, over time just about everyone will develop a personal network of followers among family, friends, colleagues and even business associates. The fact of the matter is, everyone creates a digital trail (data) regardless of popularity, which is why social networks are able to make profits from each user on their sites. And may I point out that this isn’t a one-time event. For as long as you remain registered on a social network, that network will always profit.

“The difference is that none of the profits are shared with you!”

We believe each user should be able to cash in on the monetization aspect of the Internet, which is why the criteria for participation is set-up the way it is, so that even if you lack a substantial following you can still benefit from the digital trails generated by your online activities. The point we’re making is this, social networks are extremely good at turning collected data into billions of dollars in revenues and profits, and can also afford to share some with its users. The criteria for participation is easily understood, there’s nothing complicated about it. Simply sign-up online or download our soon- to-be released mobile app, post a photo of yourself onto your profile page, and be active on the site for at least one-hour each month. And of course, those who successfully invite others to join the service will receive extra consideration in V-Points for helping us build the network. Pageviews and Interactions with others, comments, postings of videos or photos, even creating a blog or setup a private group, all increase your overall accumulated activty score. All of these actions are of interests to advertisers, marketers, promoters, sponsored content providers and surveyors, who'll likely spend money on the data we collect. It is virtually the same at each social network regardless of size or platform, except that they do not consider you into the equation when the money is received, and we do!



V-Points are used to calculate and keep track of each user's earnings during the each quarter. In the next phase of the site's development, V-Points will be distributed to each user via VISA or Mastercard debit cards digitally; this systems makes the points earned instantly available to spend anywhere those cards are accepted. Other Requirements: Users must have posted a profile page and images, and a valid email and mobile phone or land-line phone number. Even though a user may use any online moniker they choose to call themselves, for issuance of pay although digitally deposited to a debit card, will only be to those with actual legal names and tax identification numbers (IRS), unless they are foreign citizens living abroad. Users may also use as payee, a United States based corporation and business EIN to receive pay, providing that user is president/owner or sole proprietor of stated entity. An IRS form W-9 is also required and needed (supplied electronically on site), exceptions to foreign users. Minimum deposit is $100.00 U.S., before conversion to any other currency. Please bare in mind: At no time will we sell your name to a third party(s). We sell only the information generated by your online activities and never any identifying information. Last but not least, as the population of this community grows, so does profits!

Other Requirements: Members must have posted profiles (images) and an address to receive mail. A valid email and mobile phone or phone number is also required. Even though a member may use any online moniker they choose online, issuance of pay will only be to those with actual legal names and tax identification numbers (IRS), unless they are foreign citizens living abroad. Members may also use a US based corporation or business EIN to receive pay, providing that member is owner or sole proprietor or president of sated entity. An IRS form W-9 is also needed (supplied on site).

So go ahead, invite, invite, invite, and together we will generate mountains in profits.