About DijiV

Dijiv Social Media (Dee-Gee-Vee), is a for profit corporation committed to using the reach and power of the Internet and other technologies to help make a positive difference in society. It’s a also a network where members share in the success of the company through a unique profit sharing plan; membership is always free, and users are allowed to connect with family and friends, reconnect with long-lost friends, and establish new connections individually and/or for business or professional. Members may enjoy live chat-rooms, instant messaging, sharing photos and videos, or tell everyone what’s on their mind while enjoying all the features of social media in one place.


The company is moving forward with its flagship social outreach project, designed to create 500 temporary jobs for high school and college students during the summer, beginning June 1, 2016. The Project is dubbed: J500. An announcement providing more information, details and location of the first city (selected) to experience the company’s first initiative is expected to be released in mid-spring 2016

In the days of multibillion dollar evaluations of companies yet to post a profit, we believe there is also an opportunity for a social initiative that will help decrease crime rates among those ages 16 - 25, by providing paid internships for college students and jobs and skills training for high school students during the hot days of summer.

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